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Announcement: Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS) 8.0 released, RHDS v6.21 support ends 3/31/2009

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Announcement: Red Hat Directory Server (RHDS) 8.0 released, RHDS v6.21 support ends 3/31/2009

Red Hat Directory Server 8.0 is now available on HP-UX 11i (v1, v2 and v3) at Software Depot

What's New in RHDS 8.0?

RHDS 8.0 introduces the following new features:

* Additional Password Hash Algorithms
o SHA-256
o SHA-384
o SHA-512
o MD5
* IPv6 Support for Client Access
* Improved SASL Support for Kerberos Authentication
* SASL support in LDAP command-line utilities (such as ldapsearch and ldapmodify)
* File Hierarchy System Support - conforms to standard HP-UX file system hierarchy
* Improved Password Quality Policy Management and Enforcement
o Enhanced password syntax checking
o Additional options to set password policies for character types within passwords

RHDS 8.0 supports all features in RHDS 7.1, except the following:

* IM Presence Information
* DSML Gateway

Detailed information about the Red Hat Directory Server can be found at:

HP Directory Server Documentation:
Red Hat - Directory Server Documentation:

RHDS 8.0 can be obtained at


With the release of RHDS 8.0 HP will no longer support Red Hat Directory Server (a.k.a. Netscape Directory Server) version 6.21 after March 31, 2009.

As of today, HP will continue to offer Red Hat Directory Server 8.0 and Red Hat Directory Server 7.1 on HP-UX v1, v2 and v3 system.

They are fully tested and supported products that are available on software depot at no charge. RHDS is a supported feature under the HP-UX 11i support agreement.

NOTE: Servers storing and processing external data such as clients, vendors and external objects may be subject to Per-Core LTUs. Please see the Product Licensing Requirements section at of the RHDS download page for details.

We urge customers to upgrade to version 8.0. RHDS 8.0 can be obtained at