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Best Kernel Configuration for Cobol

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Best Kernel Configuration for Cobol



We have 16 rp 3440 servers in our enviroment running HPUX 11.11 with Microfocus Cobol.


In one of our sites we having trouble with the server performance. All servers is configured with the same kernel parameters, but we think that this one need to be different. All sites uses basicly the same cobol programs, but this one is the worst performance, aways with 100% of CPU usage.


The kernel was attached in this post, can you help us to discover the best kernel for this enviroment with 100% of cpu?



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Re: Best Kernel Configuration for Cobol

...100% CPU...


It's not very clear what's really happening. The programs are using CPU because that's how the programs work. Kernel parameters probably won't change anything until the program design is reviewed. Comparing multiple system behavior is only valid if the workload is identical. The problem system is being asked to do a lot more, and the programs are reacting accordingly. You'll need the program author(s) to profile and trace the programs to see why are they consuming more CPU. It's not too common to actually fix program problems by tweaking the kernel.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Best Kernel configuration for COBOL

What does the program do?  Data base access?  I/O?  A bunch of CPU bound computations?

When are you porting your application to Integrity?