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Re: Best Unix

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Re: Best Unix

This is more of a personal opinion answer.

All the flavors have had their successes and right now I see it as HP. I also believe HP has provided more of a long term commitment, past and present, to provide something really good for the future...

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Re: Best Unix

I have worked on just about all flavours: AIX, BSDI, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, SCO, Solaris, Ultrix...

They all are interesting and have their places...

I like HP best - support is second to none...OS very stable..

Like most things, if you use something a lot - then you are more comfortable with it - I have been using HP-UX since version 8.04...

I found Irix pretty cool to work on - just not a lot out there...

IMHO - Solaris is near the bottom - I can't understand why so many people like it - root's shell is still the old original bourne shell - OS is NOT posix compliant...compiling sucks on it...etc...etc...

Now, even HP isn't perfect - it would be nice if some things were free - like Online JFS - it is in AIX for example...but of them all - I find HP-UX easier to work with.

"HP's UNIX® business is highly valued, critically important, and thriving. HP-UX 11i provides a key foundation for HP's Adaptive Enterprise strategy. This real story brings you the facts about HP-UX 11i with supporting documentation from analysts and researchers."

In case you havn't seen it - here's the "Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator"

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Re: Best Unix

working 7 years with hpux, et one year with aix, now, i can say that i prefere Aix.
For me, it is more flexible, more strong and more open that hpux.

They say "install windows 2k, xp or better", so i install unix !
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Re: Best Unix

I have worked with Solaris 2.6 up to 9, AIX 4.3 & 5.2, and HP-UX 10.20, 11.00, and 11.11. As many have said it is more of a preference, but I can give you a few personal experiences.

In our shop we had ~75 Solaris servers ranging from E250's up to Sunfire 6800s. We also had ~65 HP servers (V, N, L, K, SuperDomes, RP7410's, etc.). Our HP enviroment was more stable than the Solaris environment both in terms of hardware and software. The Sun hardware failures were not high, but they were double the HP. The larger problem we had was with storage. Solaris is way behind the curve when it comes to volume management. Your only real option is Veritas which is a good product, but I definately think they need to work on their support.

We also had an large fabric attached STK silo and when the tape drives were replaced they had a new WWNs (not a problem with newer libraries). The HP boxes were up and running with a couple of commands. With Solaris we had to modify the proper config files and reboot. Solaris 9 and 10 are suppose to work better in this department, but I never had a chance to check it out.

We only had a few AIX boxes and they didn't change much. I find that AIX masks too much stuff behind smit and the ODM. I prefer config files I can manually inspect. Thats just me.

HP is stable, performs well, has a wide range of applications and features and is very well supported, both by the vendor and the user community.

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Re: Best Unix

It is hard to say which is best. HP is goot at some features but others isn't.
HP is simple
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Re: Best Unix

Well Well Well,

I think it will be better if you tell your exact domain of work.

I am associated with C++ and have worked in HP and Solaris.

In it HP is better in case of performance ( building time ) but lacks with Solaris in case of some object editing commands like mcs.
Vibhor Kumar Agarwal
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Re: Best Unix


Here are some links that might be of interest to you:


Sri Ram
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Re: Best Unix

Hi Shiv

Depends on what prospective this statement is made. In spite of excellent support through ITRC forums and HP, there are few features such as clustering utilities are considered to be better in Tru64 environment.

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Re: Best Unix

My time to offer a completely different (and completely biased) sound.

Of course, it all depends on application availability, but if you can pass that hurdle, you should have a look at VMS (Official name: OpenVMS).

In the above, things like adding disk or tape were mentioned. Just connect, tell the (running!) system to find it, and start using it.
ALL diskspace is usable from ALL cluster nodes SIMULTANIOUSLY. (compare the way Oracle addresses its database disks, but that concept for all types of files, from the command line or any application).
BTW, the only thing to do in changing a standalone system into a cluster system is enter the license key (you pay for that!) and set the cluster parameter ON. Now add or remove nodes as suits you.
In setting up a new system VMS is relatively expensive, but the Total Cost of Ownership over a 5 year period is less then half of ANY unix.
OS upgrades are relatively rare. (We did 3 in the last 8 years). Patching needs to be done about 2 or 3 times per year.
Software upgrades, hardware replacements etc can all by done WITHOUT downtime.
Our current config has un UNINTERRUPTED uptime of more then 8 years, although ALL hardware, up until the last screw and connector, has been added (some much) less than 4 years ago. All older hardware has been removed.
The cluster is spread over 2 sites, 7 KM separated. VMS does not do data replication, it uses Volume Shadowing. The data at both (if desired, all three) sites is ALWAYS current, and active.
The site has about 5000 users, running (some or all of) 20 different applics. There are about 300 mutations in personnel or personell-autorisations per week.
All of this can easily be managed ("adminned") by 3 people.

But it is NOT unix.
Although many of the underlying priciples are comparable.

Maybe it is an idea to work through a number of threads in the OpenVMS forum to get some feel for it. (Actually, that is what I am doing in the HPUX, TRU64, and Linux forums!)

hope this helps a bit,


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Re: Best Unix

One thing that has become clear through various surveys and awards is that HP has some of the leading e-support types of features of the various providers and I think you can see by the participation level at this site just how many HP-UX problems can be solved by your friends and fellow HP-UX users here.

I also think that hp-ux has a clear growth plan within the company despite some additional forays by HP into Linux.

Best regards,

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