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business copy and oracle shutdown

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business copy and oracle shutdown

hi all


we have a sdome2, running hpux itanium 11.31 with mount vxfs filesystems.

we utilize bc, so oracle shutdown (after an su) and then have a brief sleep, some syncs

and then we split and oracle comes back up.


all is good, except the dbas noticed 1 dbf on the svol had a different date than all the other dbfs.

so, we doubled the sleep time and that seemed to fix it.


the issue is now, the dbas dont understand why use sleep and sync to do this. they think that

the script should be in step fashion and once oracle is down it returns a 0 code, so why the need

to increase sleep.


has anyone run into a similiar situation?


thx in advance


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Re: business copy and oracle shutdown

Hi, I don't know BC but I think you should try Oracle RMAN for DB backup's as it is a very good backup tool and can be integrated with many backup solutions like HP Data Protector.
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