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Can HPUX11 run on RX2620 ?


Re: Can HPUX11 run on RX2620 ?

> We already use this way, but still doesn't work. We also re-compile that appl, but not work.

If I went to a mechanic and said "my car - it not work" what do you think he would say?

As Dennis requested - some specifics (like what you actually see) would be nice.



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Re: Can HPUX11 run on RX2620 ?

My script call function name that referred to old informix library, after I updated function name, program successfully compiled in HPUX 11i. so case closed.

Thanks for everybody.

Best Regards to you all

Elang Sutajaya
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Re: Can HPUX11 run on RX2620 ?

>program successfully compiled in HP-UX 11i.

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