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Can't connect FC LUNs to BL260

Occasional Contributor

Can't connect FC LUNs to BL260


I'm trying to connect a CentOS 5.3 to a FC LUN with a BL260 that has a QLogic card. All is inside of an c7000 with their corresponding SAN switches. (By the way I already have BL460 connected to the SAN in the same chasis, the only difference is that they are running Citrix XenServer)

Whenever I mapp a LUN to the BL260, the QLogic driver recognizes it, because I use the SANSurfer tool and it shows me the LUN.

When I do the command fdisk -l, it doesn't show anything. When i reboot the system, it hangs up because it tries to read the LUN (that i suppose is not formated)

What else can I do????