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DBA and SYS Admin corelation

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DBA and SYS Admin corelation


can any one corelate the following points like
in system admin work we are extending the vg by adding physcal disk . extending the FS by by increasing the LV.similar way what DBA is doing .corelate DBA task with system admin task. so it is easy to understand DB concepts for sysadmin .
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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation


A DBA and sysadmin must be a team. There is some overlap required.

Oracle installs require root permissions for certain parts of the installation. DBA's do not need root access unless they are backing up the sysadmin.

If the task requires root access the task, even if its part of an oracle installation should be performed by a systems administrator.

Steven E Protter
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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation

hi Atul,

The DBA and sysadmin often form part of the same team if not the same person does both.

The recent trends gives quite an independence to the DBA when it comes to the administration of the Database. Oracle ASM is in this same direction. Google for Oracle+ASM.

good luck!

kind regards
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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation

Hi Atul

Basically, system admin job and DBA jobs are different.

But they will work together to act like a team. and their jobs are correlated.

Without mutual of them, the systems will not perform perfectly.

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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation

You already have the idea. The UNIX SysAdmin extends the physical disk & logical disk. The DBA extends his tablespaces to make use of the physical hardware presented.

In effect Oracle creates an operating environment on top of our O/S. So if you extended disk and they did NOT extend tablespace...they would hit tablespace full, until they extended and met up with the physical space we allocated.

So a DBA administrates the needs of the database (i.e. high end mgmt & monitor software) and allows for the running of programs/code (example SQL) to extract the information/data contained within it's tables and indexes.

We in HPUX SysAdmin manage and monitor & build operating systems to enable to ensure that all parties can process what they need. Be that DBA's, programmers with a variety of syntax languages, or third party vendor applications.

Hope this made some sense,
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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation

Dear Atul

DBA job and sys admin their adminsitraion taks different but they are part of one team
dba team needs a lot things from unix team
file permissions, creating logical raw devices, cluster shutdown etc...creating oracle user etc....
but oracle team normally not get unix passwd and username. all the things related to unix are doing unix team itself in my examples i mentioned
oracle teams are using a lot of things to do by using from sql they are creating table space, extendign table space,
they are using sql queries etc...........

then if some files are using more space this will manage normally unix team, if it is related with oracle they wil tell u
for example
in swap case if swap is configured properly
by unix team and some oracle process consuming
more space then unix team will tell u regarding that process
it is for just an example
now i think u can understand oracle and unix peoples should be team!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks and regards

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Re: DBA and SYS Admin corelation

I think above people have mis understood ur question.
From my side its OK to learn DB concept from UNIX , basics are pretty simialar.
FIlesystem from UNIX is similar to tablespaces.
Directories u can consider tables
and files u can see as data inside that table.

In case of performance issue in unix u check which process is taking lot of CPU,memory etc
In oracle u check query,its execution plan,physical reads(well concept is entirely different but u can corelate things if u know unix.
You have kernel parameters in unix and u have various parameters in init.ora in oracle to have certain behaviour of oracle.

There is no thumb rule for this go and learn DB and corelate things it would be quite simple.
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