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Hi All,

Is there any document for decomission process of any HP-UX Server.
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Re: Decomission


Here are generic steps.
Each company have different policies,
so it is difficult to predict that your company might require.

I hope I have not forgotten anything

1. Raise a Change Request to obtain
approval for decommissioning.

2. Inform Operations, Command Control, Service Desk, support vendors, and
Change Management teams that decommissioning
process is in progress.

3. Complete full backups of the O/S
and applications (if applicable).
For the O/S, Ignite backups are
strongly recommended.

I typically insist to have two sets of
backups (just in case)...

Keep tapes off-site and label accordingly.

4. Remove server from Monitoring
(OpenView, BMC Patrol, CA Unicenter, or
whatever other tool you use).

5. Remove server from Backup Schedules.

6. Remove resource records from DNS.

7. Remove server from Asset Management.

8. Shut down applications.

9. Disable all system, and application cron entries. Wait a day or two if anybody complains :)

10. Disable all Unix accounts (except root).

11. Notify Networks/Firewall Support team
to disable LAN ports, firewall rules, NAT
(if applicable)...

12. Cancel hardware maintenance.

13. Remove NON-OS applications and data, and wipe file systems and disks (it depends on
your security policy).

14. Remove SG or Veritas packages from cluster configuration, if server is a
member of a cluster.

15. Reallocate SAN disks, FC and LAN
cables to other servers (if applicable).

16. Shutdown the server.

17. Remove from vPar/nPar configuration (if applicable).

18. Update Operations System Manuals for
support teams.

19. Remove server from Data Centre.

Be happy,

VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic