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disk drive storage device options

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disk drive storage device options

I have an rp5470 with 4 internal disk drives. Two drives are mirrored and two aren't. We had a disk go and the application was down. What options are available for mirroring the unmirrored drives? Some kind of external enclosure? VA7100 device?
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Re: disk drive storage device options

It doesnt matter that application is running or not, you can mirror any online disk too. Please use the atteched file, it is explaining all steps to do mirroring. . .

Piyush Mathiya
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Re: disk drive storage device options

You do not need any external devices for mirroring. You said that your two internal drives are already mirrored. Your application was down because the disk contained vg00 was faulty (go means faulty -I guess).

Since it was mirrored, it might have booted from the mirrored disk until you replaced the faulty one.

I would recommend creating a new volume group and LVs with the additional disks and mirror those.
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Re: disk drive storage device options

If your both other drives are used but not mirrored, you should consider to add external disks and mirror the internals to them.

You will probably find a VA only on the used market now - how about a small DS2120?

Hope this helps!

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