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Re: Doubts in Samba


Doubts in Samba


I have a HPUX 11.31 machine with samba installed in it.
I created a userid with home directory defined for it. I have setted the samba password too.(stopped and started the samba service)
Still I am unable to share the home directory on the remote machine to my local windows machine.
In this 11.31 machine I have used a copy of samba.conf files from another machine(in this machine it is working fine).I donno why the same configuration file is not working in this machine.
Any help in this regard will be useful.

If samba.conf files need to shared kindly let me know.

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Re: Doubts in Samba

What is the "security" setting in your smb.conf file?

If it's set to "security = domain" or "security = ads", it means Samba is set up as a member of a Windows domain. In these cases, just copying the smb.conf file from another machine is not enough: after copying the configuration file, you must also join the new machine to the Windows domain. This requires Domain Admin privileges on the Windows side.

See Samba documentation at for more details.

Run the "testparm" command to verify your smb.conf is consistent.

Read the smb.conf to find out where Samba is logging its errors, and then examine the log. The error messages are usually helpful in locating the problem.

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Re: Doubts in Samba

Security parameter may also be set to "user". Server account must also exist on the domain if your server is to be included in the domain.



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Re: Doubts in Samba

Hy, to test if you are sharing ok, you can use
smbclient on the HP-UX server and try to connect to the shared service.

If you hace copied the smb.conf from another machine you should change the shared resource part, if your shared resource on the unix machine es different.

Also have a look at the samba daemon logs, they have loads of info on whats happening
Windows?, no thanks