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Extending root FS

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Extending root FS

Dear all,
Is fsadm can extend root FS? Any risk?
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Re: Extending root FS

root fs need contigious extents. You can not extend it normally.

Supported method is to use ignite-UX.
There are different unsupported methods .
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Re: Extending root FS

Hi Ragesh,

There are three ways to achieve what you want:

1. Clear the root file system by deleting unwanted files.
a) du -kx | sort -rn | head -20
Now look for file you don't require and delete or move them.

Also, keep a track of yout root files sys growth should not growing heavily.

2. Add another disk to Vg00 and do a pvmove of lvol4 and the extend lvol3 because lvol1,2,3 needs to be contiguous (a hectic and time taking method).
#/usr/sbin/pvmove -n lvol4_path source_pv_path dest_pv_path (you do this only for lvol4 or even for lvol5 depends on space requirement)
Extend the root LV.
#lvextend -L 4000 /dev/vg00/lvol3
#fsadm -b 4000M /

For illustrative examples on this have a look on this link.

3. Take ignite backup of VG00 and restore it, while restoring you can change the root fs size. This would be easy I suppose. But if you are going with this, take at least two good ignite backups. While booting from tape you can select "interactive" snd "advance" optons to set file sizes.

Hope this help !!

Don't fix what ain't broke
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Re: Extending root FS

No, the root filesystem cannot be extended without risk. The only supported way is to take a complete vg00 backup using the Ignite/UX product, then restore the system interactively. This will require a lot of down time and planning.

The reason root fills up is due to mistakes and junk files in the wrong directories. The first step in cleaning up the root directory is to sort the largest directories (not the largest files):

du -kx | sort -rn | head -20

The two largest directories are /sbin and /etc. The root user probably has / as the HOME directory -- not a good idea. Look for files in the / directory -- they don't belong there. Only directories should be in /.

/ (along with /var, /usr /tmp and /opt) will always have to be monitored to prevent full filesystems.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Extending root FS


no fsadm will not extend the root fs, the best option is take a ignite backup of vg00 with ignite and restore it.

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Re: Extending root FS

The easiest way to extend the / file system is to create an ignite tape of the existing system

here are the steps :

1. Create an ignite tape

#make_recovery -iv

2. shutdown the system

3. remove the existing disk

4. Replace disk with higher capacity disk

5. Power on system, and boot thru tape

6. Select disk and start partitioning the new hard drive.

7. after the final reboot your system is ready for use with extended file system partition.

Hope this helps.

Cheers !!

Die Hard
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Re: Extending root FS

Hi Bill and all

Couldn't hold my mouth shut because, as you know for sure, the main reason old systems / filesystems fill up is not "... due to mistakes and junk files in the wrong directories."
It's because around 2004 HP considered 200MB / as having plenty of room. Nowadays the same good old HP fills the same / to the brim with /etc content.. Needless to say I'm disappointed and fighting the very same problem. SWA (Software Assistant) reported that "Sup-Tool-Mgr" needs upgrade because of security issue. This in turn needed EMS which with one flick turned root 99% full because it added ~35MB as /etc/opt/resmon. To add insult to the injury HP considers adding /etc/opt/resmon/log as best practice.
I remember that when the OnlineJFS expiry mess hit us, we had to (re)install newer version of it. This took good chunk of / as /etc/vx.. So it goes.