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HP vPAR/IA64 baremetal install via Ignite server

Occasional Contributor

HP vPAR/IA64 baremetal install via Ignite server

Hi All,

We are working on project where we are automating the capture and
install of Golden Master image with Ignite-UX on HP endpoints.

We require your help in this regards.

We are creating a script to install golden master image on a bare
metal vPAR.

For this, we are considering the following scenario:
1. We will configure the DHCP configuration (/etc/bootptab) to make
entry for the new vPAR.
2. vparboot -p - I command will be invoked.
3. DHCP service running on Ignite server will capture DHCP request
broadcasted by vPAR client and provide the booting file.
4. vPAR receives boot file from Ignite server and starts booting.

Here the booting process stops at the prompt, asking which version of
OS to be installed on endpoint.
- We need your inputs on how can we carry out image installation from
Ignite server on a bare metal HP/vPAR machine, without any manual
- We need to use command line interface instead of UI, as we want to
automate it through scripts.

Also please suggest, if there is any other alternative by which we can
install golden master image on a bare metal vPAR or HP machine without
involving Ignite server.
- Is there any possibility to clone the image deployed on one vpar to
the other which is yet to be booted. Or Can we configure Ignite server
to pick some default values which could be mentioned before starting
the image installation on bare metal machine like kickstart.

Note: We are using vPAR on Itanium Hardware.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Honored Contributor

Re: HP vPAR/IA64 baremetal install via Ignite server

how about specifying the golden image path on your vpartboot line.

vparboot -p -I ,/opt/ignite/boot/Rel_B.11.23/WINSTALL

I believe the admin guide has specific examples of this.
CH1: page 22