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I need HELP with VPARS.

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I need HELP with VPARS.

Hi, people. I've created a new VPAR environment in a rx8640 cell-based server.
A few weeks ago, I created a VPAR which I assigned the two only internal disks the server has.

Later, I created other two VPARS (the SO is not installed yet) which will boot from SAN disks.
I assigned HBA I/O to both vpars in nPars mode and made switch zoning and assigned XP StorageWorks LUNs to that HBAs WWN, so that in nPars mode I can see the new disks.

The problem is that I forgot to give eath vpar the hardware path of the BOOT LUN... and now the server is in vPars mode (running the vpar with internal disks). Is there any way to manage to see the hardware path of that LUNs in without rebooting into nPars mode?

Nevertheless, I think I will be forced to reboot anyway because I will have to set the variable EFI_SCAN_LEVEL to 1 in Fiber Channel Card configuration to be able to boot from external disks...
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Re: I need HELP with VPARS.


Sounds like bad planning and a need to review the basics.

What you need is here:

You may need to rebuild from scratch.

Booting off SAN is far from ideal but I understand why you are doing that.

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Re: I need HELP with VPARS.

There *might* be a way to work this without going to nPars mode, *if* you have FC cards in the first active vPar

if you know which physical slot the FC cards are in, you can work out the HW path for the slot without too much difficulty - then temporarily assign the boot LUN to you active vPar and have a look at the ioscan output...

Now with the HW path of the FC card and the HW path of LUN, you should be able to figure out what the HW path of the boot LUN in the vPar will be.

I suspect if you've already booted off the SAN LUN in nPars mode, you won't need to change EFI SCAN level...



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Re: I need HELP with VPARS.

If there is no OS on the target disks of the vpar then it shouldn't matter.

I assume the VPAR is created. If so then half the work is done.

In one of the vpars that is running. You can do a vparload on point the target vpar to an ingite server to start an installation. This will be one of the most non-disruptive ways to get the other vpar's to boot and get the OS installed. (I belive it's vparboot -I but check the vpar documentation to confirm (BSC link updated by admin)

If you don't have an ignite server. You are going to need to go back into nPAR mode and search out your path's.


Re: I need HELP with VPARS.

NO_WORK_AROUND this, you have to boot back to NPAR mode to specify the VPAR's boot disk, VPAR's BOOT disk has to be the ABSOLUTE PATH !! ( NOT JUST THE HBA ) so the VPAR knows Where to look at!!


#vparefiutil -u

this updates the EFI shell and tells it about the NEW VPAR boot disk

You can use the same boot disk for both the NPAR and the VPAR, so in other words "you CAN boot atleast one VPAR" all you have to do is assign it as a :BOOT disk to one of the vpar's

Once you have got the VPAR's up, you can use vparboot to boot from ignite server and install to the next VPAR!!