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Ignite backup recovery questions

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Ignite backup recovery questions

We have HP-UX B.11.23.
Do we need to install Ignite sofware to start using it or is it installed with the default OS instaltion?
Can we do Ignite vg00 backup to a tape while production system running in multiuser mode?
Currently we are using only fbackup to backup oracle software , sap software and the oracle database. What are the best practice to do backup the file systems like root and other OS specific file systems?
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Re: Ignite backup recovery questions


yes you can backup your os by ignite and you need to nstall it from application cds. it can be done while the os is running. backing up system by fbackup does not guarantie to restore of os . but if you backup your system by make_tape_recovery ( ignite ) you can easily restore your os in case of a disaster.

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Re: Ignite backup recovery questions


1. Ignite is one of the software products that is normally part of the default OS installation. You can always fetch a current/updated version from:

2. Yes, you can use Ignite to make a recovery tape during normal, multiuser production mode.

3. Ignite is NOT a backup tool for other than the standard filesystems of vg00. It is possible to include non-vg00 filesystems and/or directories but this is inadvisable. The purpose of having an Ignite recovery image is just that --- to recover you operating system configuration. The recovery (and prior backup) of non-vg00 data should be performed by other means. Maintaining a clean segregation of the operating system and application and/or database data makes release upgrades and/or disaster recoveries much easier.

Depending upon the frequency with which you make Ignite images, you will certainly want to supplement your backups with *current* copies of your password database and/or any other configuration changes you make.

Remember, too, that an Ignite 'make_tape_recovery' is only a 'pax' archive. This means that extracting a file from the Ignite archive will be a serial read of the tape (read, slow).


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Re: Ignite backup recovery questions


You can download the ignite software from;

You could create a make_tape_recovery from a system in multi user mode, but it is recommended to create a backup from the system while it is idle.

With the Ignite software you can create a bootable tape or net image, which is perfect in case of disaster, but is not a good tool for every day use.