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Increase Oracle Database into SAN environement ?

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Increase Oracle Database into SAN environement ?


I have a Fibre Chanel SAN (HP MSA200 / SAS), I want to install a Datbase (Oracle 10.2).

What is the recommendation for SAN's LUNs ?

I want to start with a 1To database, and the database will increase up to 3To.......

What is the best way to do this ?

Thank you.
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Re: Increase Oracle Database into SAN environement ?

Google for: +oracle +storage +"best practices"

There are lots of articles, whitepapers and forum entires on this subject.

Please read some, then either use what you reas, or come back with details on your SPECIFIC needs which can help use guide you towards a prossible preferred solution.

Some directions which will be suggested

1) Old style... carve storage up in small (50gb) chunks an re-combine with LVM. yuck.

2) Oracles SAME methodology: Stripe and mirror everyting creating larger (500GB) pools.

3) All new... trust Oracle all the way and hand over your money as well as your disks to them. Throw all storage into an ASM pool and let Oracle decide.

And yes, to confuse matters, you can and possibly should, mix and match all of the above!

Personally I would bypass the LVM layer.. but that's just me. 'real' HPUX Admins will insist on using LVM as a starting point, and try to take it form there by hook or crook

Hein van den Heuvel.
HvdH Performance Consulting