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installing RH8 on D510 ...

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installing RH8 on D510 ...

I'm trying to install dual boot XP and RH8 on a d510 - XP is on by factory default and when I boot disk 1 of the RH8 distro, it stops telling me it can't find the RH media in my CDROM (during install process!). I've tried the following:
- changed DVD and CDRW from secondary IDE channel to primary.
- tried booting from both DVD and CDRW
- disabling either DVD or CDRW at a time

It looks like there's a setting in the BIOS somewhere to set the system into UNIX mode, but I can't find it.

Any ideas, as the system DOES boot from the CD and you can see all my IDE devices being recognised by linux when initialising.

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Re: installing RH8 on D510 ...

When exactly is this happening? Is it before starting the graphical installer? Have you checked if there are BIOS updates for the machine available?