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Re: Is DOS partition required for boot?

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Is DOS partition required for boot?

I recently installed Debian Linux on an old LC 4/100. As part of the installation, I reformated the disk into Linux partitions. Since then, I can't boot from the floppy - it goes straight to the my boot loader on disk. I noticed on an LC 5/133 that I have that when I boot it goes to a "utility partition" before it goes to floppy. Did I destroy this partition and if so, is there a way to get it back? If I want to install linux on my other box, where is this region so I can protect it?
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Re: Is DOS partition required for boot?

hi Huang
happy that you solve the config problem.

the dos partition is not needed for booting on the floppy disk, you need to check the connection and the configuration of the LC, the floppy always need to be available (ex for upgrade bios ofr for diag) the check disconecting the hdd if it solve the situation, if yes, this may be caused by the boot priority or by a virus .
take in mind that the floppy disk drive need to be setted as eisa device if you replace it
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Re: Is DOS partition required for boot?


Usually, you don't need any other partition than a bootable one to boot. If the boot loader is working, it is ok, so the hdd is not messed. The fact is that if I remember right, the HPs, as well as other brand names, have something like a BIOS on the hdd, but I don't think you ruined it.

Try to enter in BIOS and specify there that you want to boot from floppy first. All BIOSes should have this option.

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Re: Is DOS partition required for boot?

Hi there.
First i will answer your question. No, you do NOT need a DOS partition.
Second you should go and setup a boot manager. On my different computers at home i use either lilo ( SuSe ) or grub ( Mandrake ). Try to find something you can use.
Build up a menu with different start options and include booting fvrom floppy in it.
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