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Is Samba v2 supported for HP-UX v11.23

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Is Samba v2 supported for HP-UX v11.23


We use Samba on HPUX to provide disk shares that can be used by Windows machines. We are upgrading our server and have installed UX 11.23.

The version of Samba that gets installed with UX 11iv2 and above is Samba v3. It appears that the usual authentication methods are deprecated in this version of Samba and we are forced to use ADS authentication if the Windows environment the UX server resides in is an Active Directory environment. This also requires installation and configuration of Kerberos.

We do not require authentication via Active Directory and do not want to install Kerberos.

Does anyone know:

1) Can Samba v2 be installed and used with HP-UX v11.23

2) Alternatively, can we use anonymous shares with Samba v3 and therby avoid the need to use Kerberos?

Any help would be REALLY gratefully received.
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Re: Is Samba v2 supported for HP-UX v11.23

You do not have to use "security = ads" with HP CIFS Server (Samba v3). You did not say what security method you *are* using, but you can use "security = domain" just like v2 did, or "security = share", or "security = user". "security = server" has been deprecated, though. None of these require kerberos.

What is an "anonymous share"? Samba can use anonymous logins when establishing a connection to a Windows domain, but the ability to do that is dependant upon your Windows domain configuration, not CIFS/Samba.

CIFS/9000 Server on 11iv2 is no longer available from HP - it is out of support life - but we did compile it for 11iv2. If you can find a .depot file somewhere you could install it, but you would then be unsupported by HP. You could also compile your own opensource Samba, if you can get the 2.2 bits somewhere.

But that should be moot, because 3.x should work. Unless for some reason you *have* to have "security = server".

Eric Roseme