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Java/J3D on IA64 zx2000 under linux

Occasional Contributor

Java/J3D on IA64 zx2000 under linux

I need to run java and J3d on a newly installed cluster of IA64/Itanium-2, zx2000 systems running linux. It appears (though not certain) that there is an IA64 linux based java SDK available from Blackdown. I am hoping it is natve, but it may be interpreted..??

They also have linux J3D, but is for IA32 architecture only.

You (HP) have java and J3D for IA64 available, but it appears to only be for HP/UX. Please release a linux version for the zx series systems...! Is there a possibility that the HP/UX version can be installed on linux?

Mike Redmond