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memory related

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memory related

hello experts,

What are the possibilities to restrict memory usage for a user on HPUX11.11?

Is it possible to limit real memory usage?

if yes, then how we can do that?
waiting for your response.

thanks and regards,
pankaj roy
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Re: memory related

by using ulimit u can restrict virtual memory iusage

-v The number of K-bytes for virtual memory.

% ulimit -s 512
% ulimit -a
% time(seconds) unlimited
file(blocks) 100
data(kbytes) 523256
stack(kbytes) 512
coredump(blocks) 200
nofiles(descriptors) 64
memory(kbytes) unlimited

Re: memory related

To some extent you can set limits on data and stack size for a user using ulimit (see the sh-posix man page for details)

You can also control stack, data and text sizes for processes using the kernel parameters max[dts]siz and max[dts]siz_64bit

If you have the product then you could also restrict some memory using PRM:

But all of these have limitations and the best way to control memory is from the application itself (e.g. for Oracle setting SGA and PGA paremeters correctly)

The amount of pain and heartache you can get in if trying to restrict/manage memory more efficiently, its often quicker and in the long run cheaper to just buy more memory.



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