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Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

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Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

We are in the process of upgrading HP-UX B.11.23 to HP-UX B.11.31 for standalone and clustered servers
with existing applications/databases running on it.

Is it advisable to go for OS upgrade from B.11.23 to B.11.31? if yes, were there any impact and known issues faced?

Or it is better to go for a fresh B.11.31 install?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31


Experience says fresh install is more reliable.

I've done it more than a few times.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

We did all our systems as upgrades and had no problems at all.

Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

Thanks Scott & Steven,
Seems like both options are working well.

Which one is less time consuming and do not require a lot of changes ?
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

The answer to what the most effective upgrade path is, depends on what you have.

Cold installing a single system, and manually configure everything agian that you had on your pre-upgrade system, is really time consuming. The advatage is that you have a really "clean" system, with no leftovers from whatever happened before.
Upgrading a single system is less time consuming, but the history of what happened (and what has been done wrong) on the system, remains.

For instance, I have cosen for cold install.
Why ? We have 6 systems (3 2-node clusters) with an identical configuration (except for IP-addresses, hostnames, ...)
So, I cold-installed one system and spent some time configuring it (ssh, samba, ldapux client, ods, ...) and validating the configuration.
Then, I used an Ignite tape to install the other systems. I needed just an hour or two per system to load the tape, and another hour to modify IP-addresses and copy cluster configurations and things like that.

But, if all your systems are different, the Ignite tape procedure will not be possible, and an upgrade will be more effective.

Another thing : You talk about clusters. Make sure that you first upgrade your cluster software so that your pre-upgraded systems run the same ServiceGuard version as your upgraded systems. ServiceGuard allows a rolling upgrade, so that would bring no downtime.
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31


For the upgrade to be successful you would require around 10% free space in /usr, /var and /opt. Remember you will have to upgrade to the appropriate operating environment especially if you are upgrading from foundation, enterprise, mcoe etc. to an OEUR. Without satisfying the minimum space required for filesystems during upgradation, your 11.31 upgradation might not be successful. If you are in a clustered environment, you can roll your upgrade accordingly.

Ismail Azad
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

If you go to:
you will find a number of interesting Knowledge on Demand webcasts, including one for How to upgrade to HP-UX 11i v3

This may be of use to you
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

I think you can find lots of thing, including Supported update paths and recommended installation according to situation you have in this doc:
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Re: Moving from hp-ux B.11.23 to B.11.31

I used to only do cold installs, but they have done a fairly good job cleaning up Update-UX and I've used that lately with no problems.

Read the documentation on doing Upgrades!

Prep/document your servers
Run backups and ignite recovery (tape or disk)
Post tasks
Document your servers again