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ns9110 audio in linux

New Member

ns9110 audio in linux


I am a total linux novice, but I have a couple of nx9110 (DU435ET#ABU) laptops and have been having trouble getting the sound to work.

I have installed Red Hat 9 (kernel 2.4.20-8). I have had someone who knows a bit about linux try to get the sounds work and they tried installing the ALSA drivers. They appeared to install, but there was no sound (the volumes were turned up in the mixer).

Firstly, can someone confirm that it is the ATI IXP 150 audio chipset in these laptops?

Secondly, can anyone confirm if they have installed linux on one of these laptops and had the sound working? If so, which kernel and release was it?

I am in the process of downloading the latest version of Fedora, so if anyone can confirm that it will or will not help then that would be very useful too.