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Re: portmap?

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Aug 28 09:11:42 redhat portmap[8009]: connect from to callit(390109): request from unauthorized host...

what is the log?
that log has bin logged at messages file.
the ip( is irrelavant the server redhat

what is portmap and what am i supposed to stop the log?
Step by step
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Re: portmap?

Do you use NFS, or any of the NIS stuff?

If not, then you probably don't even need 'portmap' to be running.

Portmap is the RPC handler that Linux uses. If you want to firewall it out, it should be listening on TCP port 111.

You should also be able to use TCP wrappers ('/etc/hosts.allow' and '/etc/hosts.deny') to manage connections to it (using 'portmap' as the service keyword).
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