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Position Hierarchy problem in Oracle EBS 11.5.7

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Position Hierarchy problem in Oracle EBS 11.5.7

hi, experts,

I can't get any prompt help on this problem on other forum, I don't know if I can post my Oracle Application problem here ?

I wanted to set 10.Library assistance next approval to 10.Associate Account Manager, the step that I hv tried :

1. Navigate to Position Screen
2. Call out 10.Library assistance and click reporting to
3. in the Hierarchy column, I choose Purchase order Hierarchy
4. When I trying to locate 10.Associate Account Manager, it is
not in the list
5. Thus, I navigate to position Hierarchy screen
6. In the Position Hierarchy screen, I called out Purchase Order
Hierarchy, and in Position , I called out 10.Associate
Account Manager, I suspect the reason why the 10.Associate
Account Manager was not appear in the Purchase Order
Hierarchy list is because 'Exists in Hierarchy' is not check,
7. So , I try to check the 'Exists in Hierarchy' check box , and
the system give me error as per my earlier post.

My question is :
Why 10.Associate Account Manager is not appear in the Purchase Order Hierarchy list (step 4), if it is due to step 7, how can I update 'Exists in Hierarchy' to check, and if it is not , what should I do so that 10.Liabrary Assistant next approval level is set to 10.Associate Account Manager.


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Re: Position Hierarchy problem in Oracle EBS 11.5.7

hi Ng,

Did you try metalink?

Unfortunately, i do not have any experience in this.

Hope others with understand the crux of this issue and be able to help!

good luck.

kind regards
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Re: Position Hierarchy problem in Oracle EBS 11.5.7

hi, Yogeeraj,

thanks for your reply, we have managed to solved the problem already, 'Exists in Hierarchy' not allow to manually check, it will automatically check once the position is in the hierarchy, so , how to add a position to a hierarchy ? the only way is find the top approval in the position hierarchy, eg: Associat Account Manager next approval is Financial Controller (who is also not in hierarchy), and the Financial Controller is reporting to Executive Chairman (exist in hierarchy and is in the top hierarchy level).

Steps to add associate account Manager to the hierarchy :

1. Place the cursor in the position and find Executive Chairman,
2. Add Financial Controller into subordinate field, and press save,
3. Now Financial Controller is 'Exists in the Hierarchy'
4. Click down button on the right to add the subordinate for Fiancial Controller
5. this time add Associate Account Manager as the subordinate of the Financial Controller. and press Save.
6. The Associate Account Manager is now 'Exists in Hierarchy'
7. Repeat the step to add library assistant as subornate to Associate Account Manager.