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Printer Setup

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Printer Setup

Hi, experts

can anyone tell me the steps to setup unix printer which the printer is currently attached to winxp computer. Shall I setup this printer as remote printer or network printer ?


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Re: Printer Setup

use sam to setup remote printer
sam->Printers and Plotters->LP Spooler -->Printers and Plotters--> Actions-->add remote printer
It's kind of fun to do the impossible
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Re: Printer Setup

Forgot to add link
It's kind of fun to do the impossible
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Re: Printer Setup

If the printer is available directly from the lan I would suggest setting up as a direct network printer.

Using remote print queues are great except when they do not work. You will have to troubleshoot both the local queue and the remote queue.

Save yourself a headache and direct print.

Can do via sam or manually. You will need the Jet Admin utility found on the HP Business Support Center downloads.
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Re: Printer Setup

If the XP computer has the remote printer service running, you can configure the printer as remote.
To know if the computer is accepting request for remote printing, you can run a telnet command like this "telnet 515". If the telnet returns a conection refused error, then there is no service listening on port 515 and you should either start the service on win xp (I don't know if by default xp has this service) or install a printer server software on this computer.


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Re: Printer Setup

hi, i still facing the problem on setting up remote printer, your help will be much appreciated.

let me describe in detail what i am trying to do and the problem that i facing.

I am trying to setup a Seikosha seiko BP-9000 printer that attached to Winxp pc to print from hpunix 11.11. The printer will be used to share for all the Unix users, the steps that i have done so far :

1. install Print Service for Unix
2. add a locar (LPT) printer
printer manufaturer : generic
printer model : generic /text only
printer name : seiko2

3. the IP of the winXP PC :
computer name : FAM20

4. in Unix, i add the below line in
to /etc/hosts FAM20

5. SAM
i) Printer and Plotter
ii) LP Spooler
iii) Printer and Plotter
iv) Action
v) Add remote Printer
My settings:
Printer Name : seiko2
Remote System Name : FAM20
Remote Printer Name : seiko2
[X] Remote Printer is on BSD system
Default Request Priority - 0
[X] Allow Anyone to Cancel a Request
[ ] Make This Printer the Default

lpstat: printer "seiko2" non-existent
A problem occurred doing "lpadmin -pseiko2 -ormFAM20 -orpseiko2
-mrmodel -v/dev/null -ob3 -ocmrcmodel -osmrsmodel". Stderr from this
command is "/usr/sbin/lpadmin: can't create new cancel interface programâ
Unable to add printer "seiko2" because of above error(s).

Note :
1. in my /etc/inetd.conf =>
printer 515/tcp spooler
is not commented.

2. have already done inetd -c
3. find nothing in /var/adm/inetd.sec
4. trying to telnet to FAM20 but return with error, ping to FAM20 was OK.

please advise anthing that i can do to successfully configure my remote printer.

thank you very much