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Printing Through Jet Direct


Printing Through Jet Direct

Hi  Expert,


I've problem with printing from my server through jet direct to my printer.

How can I test it is normal? because I've setting it right or maybe I lost something?



Adrian Tjahjana

Honored Contributor

Re: Printing Through Jet Direct

  1. What kind of problem you're having? Is the printer not printing at all, or is the printout different from what you expected? Are you missing some specific functionality?
  2. JetDirect supports many print protocols, so it can be used in many ways. With HP-UX, the best way is to install the hppi package and configure the printer in HP-UX as a "network printer". Another alternative is to use the LPD protocol, which does not require any add-ons to basic HP-UX, but has reduced functionality. In this case, you configure the printer in HP-UX as a "remote printer".
  3. If you're using the "network printer" method, are you using the correct model script for your printer?


If the printer does not print at all, a good first step would be to test connectivity from the HP-UX system to the printer. This can be done in two ways, depending on which protocol is used:


If you want to test connectivity for the JetDirect native protocol ("network printer" mode in HP-UX), try telnetting from the server to the printer's IP address, port 9100. For example, if the printer is in address

telnet 9100


If you use the LPD protocol ("remote printer" mode in HP-UX), you should test the port 515 instead:

telnet 515


In both cases, if the telnet command says "Connection established" or something similar, the network connection for the protocol you're testing is OK. If it says "connection refused" or hangs a while and then says "connection timed out", there is a network issue. Maybe a network firewall is stopping the connection?


Re: Printing Through Jet Direct



The problem that I face that when i try to print to my printer (through jetdirect) it cannot be print.


The scenario like below.


1.First I have in my hosts file (/etc/hosts) -> SOLE3  [ IP_ADDRESS ALIAS]

2.I run SAM in hp-ux and go to Add Printer/ Plotter Connected to HP JetDirect

3. Then I choose option number 1 (Spooler Administration (super user only))

4. Then Add printer to local spooler

5. Then show question : Enter the network printer name or IP address , I entered SOLE3

6. And So on until the printer created with name SOLE3_3


After that i try to test print with command lp -dSOLE3_3 test.txt

But it just still show in print spooler and no file printed.


Anything wrong? because I see everything going right


My printer serios is Epson LQ1070



Adrian Tjahjana

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Printing Through Jet Direct

>1. First I have in my hosts file (/etc/hosts) -> SOLE3


Can you use Matti's suggestion to telnet to SOLE3?