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Prosignia 300 and redhat 8.0

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Prosignia 300 and redhat 8.0

our company's server used to run off this prosignia 300 - about 6 years ago. Since then we've moved to a couple proliants. Anyway, I would like to load red hat 8.0 on the old server to do testing and possibly run a web server off of it. It currently has 64mb of ram in it now, but when I tried to load linux (even in text mode) it gave me an error saying there was not enough memory. Any ideas on this? Thanks.
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Re: Prosignia 300 and redhat 8.0

- you can try Debian or Vector ( distros

- you can add more RAM for installation time

- BTW, did you create swap partition?


Re: Prosignia 300 and redhat 8.0

Greetings Brandon,
Not to worry. :) I wish I had seen this earlier so I could have helped you then. Anyway, in case you're still interested. Here's the answer you need. At the install prompt, add the following to any other options you're using:
Why 63 and not 64? Because it already knows about the 1st meg. Anyway this will do the trick every time. :) You might also need to add the:
option, this is an EISA based box, right? No matter the mem= will work in any case and the noprobe option is often helpful if there are hang problems during install due to hardware incorrectly being identified. Which also means if install picks the wrong hardware, the noprobe option will better allow you to choose the correct hardware and add the correct settings to it as well.
Well, hope this helps out!

Best wishes, and good luck!

Chris out...