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PSP 6.30 and initrd

New Member

PSP 6.30 and initrd

I am fairly new to Linux, so please excuse this possibly stupid question.

I have an ML370 with a SMART 221 controller that I have installed RHL 8 on. I then installed Proliant Support Pack 6.30, which added another line to grub.conf that uses a new HP initial RAM disk. I then upgraded my kernel and other packages via the Red Hat Network, which added another line to grub.conf, which does not use this HP initrd. Am I now supposed to manually create another HP initrd? If so, how?


Karl Swelling
Honored Contributor

Re: PSP 6.30 and initrd

With kernel 2.4, intird is not really necessayr.
It was used to launch a modular kernel before loading the actual one. If your system boots correctly since your update, the leave it the way it is.
You can re-creat manually initrd, but if you are new to Linux, I suggest you do not try.
You can learn more about initrd here :
If you want to re-create it, read Red Hat how to on rebuilding kernel, it's in it :
You can lean only on what resists you...
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Re: PSP 6.30 and initrd

kernel which you installed from RHN doesn't need initrd from PSP - it has own initrd.

So AFAIK you don't need do something - RHN (rpm, in fact) already did all work.

BTW, we have to use initrd with latest RH kernels if we use ext3 and/or our boot filesystem on SCSI disk.