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Redhat 7.3 - Amanda and Surestore 40x6

New Member

Redhat 7.3 - Amanda and Surestore 40x6

Can someone post working amanda config files for the
hp40x6 tape changer?

Im getting syntax errors when I run amcheck, so its useless.

Im looking for amanda.conf and mtx-changer.conf.

Im using amanda-2.4.2p2 with the chg-zd-mtx glue.
Valued Contributor

Re: Redhat 7.3 - Amanda and Surestore 40x6

This doesn't answer your question, but may provide help to others that are exploring the 40x6 and Linux; and it may be useful for amanda purposes (I don't know). We use a small perl script, which is passed into tar in order to do large backups. The tar command goes somethign like this:

$TAR --new-volume-script=/path/to/ -cvM -f /dev/tape blah blah blah

and looks like this:


use strict;

my $MT = "/bin/mt";
my $MTX= "/usr/sbin/mtx";
my $AUTOLOAD_DEVICE = "/dev/changer";
my $TAPE_DRIVE = "/dev/tape";

# switch to the next tape and make sure it is rewound

do_cmd ("$MTX -f $AUTOLOAD_DEVICE next");
sleep 10;
do_cmd("$MT -f $TAPE_DRIVE rewind");

# everything OK
exit 0;

sub do_cmd ($) {

my $cmd = shift;

open CMD, "$cmd 2>&1 |" or die "Unable to open pipe ($!): $cmd";
my $result;
while (my $line = ) {
$result .= $line;
close CMD or die "Closed pipe returned error ($!): $cmd\n$result\n";