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redhat 8.0 does not power down automatically

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redhat 8.0 does not power down automatically

Hi all,
The issue above has been bugging me for a while, and i would like to know if any experts out there know a way to solve this.
I have an ML350 G3 server and i just cant seem to get it to shutdown and poweroff. Looking into the BIOS i found out that ACPI is enabled.
Could it be that the kernel is causing this problem?


Regards, Eric
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Re: redhat 8.0 does not power down automatically

Red Hat Linux 8 is old. It may not support the feature. If that feature works on other same type servers, then look for a hardware/bios caus.

Maybe its a NIC driver thats a little old. What stage of shutdown does it stop at?

My Dell servers don't power down,I have to hit the switch after the console indicates shutdown is complete. Thats not horrible unless you are doing remote management.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: redhat 8.0 does not power down automatically

Thanks for the reply.

Actually it stops at the 'Power Down' statement. So i guess it's the hardware/BIOS issue then. Or maybe i should get a newer version of redhat.
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Re: redhat 8.0 does not power down automatically

hi eric,

a new version of redhat will probably fix this problem. i had about 3 year ago some simmilar problems with normal desktops and redhat 7.2 or 7.3. they shutdown but don't power of. i searchd the internet for information about that and i found some sites where people are saying that this is because the apm or acpi bioses are a little buggy. in newer kernels this bugs are worked around and work greatly at my site. so try the new redhat distro or fedora core 3 (fedora is hosted by redhat but not developed by redhat but basing on redhat 9) because it's free.

best regards,

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