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SASL on HP-UX 11.11

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SASL on HP-UX 11.11

Hello Everyone,


Is anyone running SASL on HP-UX 11.11?


I am trying to get my smart relay to work but requires authentication. According to HP Technical Support SASL is not supported at 11.11.


Just thinking there has got to be a way for sendmail at HP-UX 11.11 to be able to authenticate.


Upgrading my OS will cost a lot of money and time, neither of which are in any great abundance!


Any recomendations of suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




Tim Jackson



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Re: SASL on HP-UX 11.11

Yeah, the basic version of Sendmail that comes with HP-UX 11.11 certainly does not support SASL. But this updated version from seems to support it, according to the features list on the download page:


Unfortunately, the documentation links on the download page are stale (they refer to, which is now gone).

After a bit of searching, I finally found the latest version of the HP-UX Mailing Services Guide:

It should be applicable to the updated SMAIL813 version of Sendmail.


See "Enabling SMTP Authentication Based on RFC 2554", starting from page 75.


Remeber that encryption is often required along with the authentication, as plain-text authentication might allow someone to capture the username/password used for authentication. So you might also need "Support for Secured Mail Transaction Using STARTTLS", starting from page 78.

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Re: SASL on HP-UX 11.11

Thanks for the response MK!!


I have already down loaded and upgraded my system to sendmail 8.13. But when i look at the file there is no mention of anything with the word AUTH in it.


Do I need to recreate it with the new file? Not sure how, but i did see something about this some where in one of the forum posts.


The authentication is in plain text. Not the safest but I was not involved with decision to go with this mail provider.


I looked at the document, Thank you very much! It says it is for 11i V2 and 11i V3. Do you think it also applies to 11i V1?


So now I am wondering if I need to install SASL to make this work of if the new version of sendmail will be able to handle it on its own?


If I have to install SASL, is it really only supported at 11i V2 and 11i V3 or can I install it at 11i V1?


Sorry for all the questions!



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Re: SASL on HP-UX 11.11

I think I wrote you earlier about recreating, but now that I finally found the HP-UX-specific Mailing Services Guide, I see that it seems to be unnecessary. Anyway, the Mailing Services Guide has detailed instructions for that too, should you need to do it.


The Release Notes for the SMAIL813 upgrade indicates the package includes SASL support, and there is no mention about any requirement to install a separate SASL package. So it looks like it could handle SASL on its own.


> It says it is for 11i V2 and 11i V3. Do you think it also applies to 11i V1?


It applies to Sendmail 8.13, which is what you will have once you've installed the upgrade.

The upgrade was released simultaneously for all HP-UX 11i versions, so I would expect all versions to have equivalent functionality unless specifically noted otherwise - and so far I have not found such a note.

Anyway, the document describes the "HP-UX Way" to configure Sendmail 8.13: I would not expect HP to develop a different configuration style for 11iv1 exclusively.


(Note that the Mailing Services Guide is actually more than a year older than the SMAIL813 upgrade according to the "printing dates" in the PDF file itself, although it had been added to the Business Support Center much later. I guess the document writer had no way of predicting that such an upgrade would be created later. The 11iv2 and later already had Sendmail 8.13 at that point.)