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Serial to TCP/IP HP UX 11i Itanium

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Serial to TCP/IP HP UX 11i Itanium

Hi All,

I've been asking this in many places and hope that you people here can point me in the right direction.

We are running a banking system on HP UX Itanium that handles EFTPOS/ATM transactions via a serial port (Mux Adaptor) which connects to a windows server provided by the switch provider.

The connection is a straight-up RS232 null-model connection that presents two device files which our application reads and writes to:


This has worked well for us and frankly a lot of users on HP UX systems here in Australia for some time, however recently our switching provider has announced that they will not be supporting the windows based servers we connect to via serial port from mid next year and that we have to move to a pure IP form of connectivity, with the windows intermediary servers being made obsolete and a pure IP link directly to the application host.

Frankly this puts myself and many other organisations in a pickle, several of us are running HP UX Itanium with MUX's specifically because of the extensive support for serial comms.

We don't want to have to re-write expensive software and I'm now trying to find out whether or not there's another option...

What I would like to know is this.... is there an application/program/tool that will allow me to present my familiar device files to my applications to keep them happy, but instead of going to a MUX port, have a TCP/IP/SSH connection established?

There are several windows applications which do just this sort of thing, but so far i can't find any for HP UX.

Any help appreciated.


Re: Serial to TCP/IP HP UX 11i Itanium


Oddly enough, a very similar request came up only a few days ago - a few ideas were tossed around in this thread here:



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