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Server Warning Light

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Server Warning Light

Hello Everyone,

I've recently been put into a position of dealing with this ancient HP UX server. The person who use to deal with this system is no longer with us (passed away). So I am unable to ask anyone for support. Hopefully someone here can help me out or point me in the right direction...

Once in a while we have a system status light come on blinking orange because one of the power supplies has a small interuption. I was able to telnet into the system logs with the below commands and confirm this is the case

SL to display event logs
E for system events
T for text view mode

It was only about a 30 second interuption and everything is fine (happens once or twice a year) but I am unsure on how to clear the light.

Can anyone point me to a mannual or provide some info on how to clear the light? I'd really like to get it cleared because obviously if something else goes wrong we need to be aware. I looked around MP mode but nothing sticks out to me. I can't stress enough how out of my depth I am on this hardware as I'm a software developer now in charge of all of this. We have a service contract with a third party since HP no longer supports the product but I'd like to not have to involve them for something so small.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Server Warning Light

You did not tell about the server model.

However, you need to read the logs to acknowledge them, then the LED will go off.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Server Warning Light

You were correct. I just had to read it. Thank you!