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Sound on Pavillion zt1190

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Sound on Pavillion zt1190

I am having issues with sound support using Linux. The sound file starts to play and then starts to repeat after the first second. The repeat continues until the sound daemon has an issue.

I am sure this is related to the Shared IRQ (9) but have no idea how to get past it.

Kernel 2.4.18 (Suse 8.0)

Any suggestions?

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Re: Sound on Pavillion zt1190

I had exactly the same problem and got over it initially by forcing my Ethernet card to be IRQ-9. I acheived this by editing the "lilo.conf" (or grub) and adding an option to the boot string. This also allowed my USB to work.
The problem now is that the sound works intermittantly (every few reboots) because the bios is plug-and-prey, and there seems to be no way to override this.
I raised a support call with Suse and their suggestion was to replace the ALSA sound drivers with native kernel ones. So far I have never got this to work.

I'm using Suse 7.3. Have you tried looking at the alsamixer to check the volume settings, and the stop and start commands in the "rc" files?
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Re: Sound on Pavillion zt1190

James, Just a quick thought,I had a similar problem with a IBM notebook, the solution was to start your sound server later in the rc's startup: Round about S77 was okay for me. Try experimenting with the DMA channels also, you can get your current resource usage from the proc directory so maybe map round any confilicts.

Hope this helps!