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Re: swinstall error

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swinstall error

# swinstall  -s /home/sw/HP_UX_11.31_HPUXWS24ATW-B508-11-31-64.depot

After use menu Mark For Install error is

"host-ux:/": You do not have the required permissions to select │─┐ │
││ │ this target. Check permissions using the "swacl" command or see your │ ^ │
││ │ system administrator for assistance. Or, to manage applications │ │
││ │ designed and packaged for nonprivileged mode, see the │ │
││ │ "run_as_superuser" option in the "sd" man page.

Occasional Advisor

Re: swinstall error


##These errors can be caused by corruption within the Software Distributor.
There are different causes that can be cleared up by following these

1. Check the permission of the file "swinstall ". it should be as below ( example )

-r-sr-xr-x 10 root bin 1478656 May 30 1996 /usr/sbin/swinstall

2. Most typically restarting the swagentd daemon on the server and the target will resolve the
problem. There could be other problems with hostname resolution and using nslookup can help. Use nslookup to check the resolution
of both the IP address and the hostname to make sure they return the same information.

3. If the restarting of swagend with the command "swagentd -r" didn't work, try the following procedure.

Login as root.

Stop the swagentd daemon: # /sbin/init.d/swagentd stop.

Verify that swagentd has stopped: # ps -ef | grep swagentd.

Change directory to /var/adm/sw: # cd /var/adm/sw.

Move the directory /var/adm/sw/security and its contents: # mv security security.orig.

Copy the security directory from /usr/newconfig: # cp -Rp /usr/newconfig/var/adm/sw/security security.

Start the swagentd daemon: # /sbin/init.d/swagentd start.

Verify that swagentd has started: # ps -ef | grep swagentd.

## Check whether swinstall works or not.

4. If all the above procedure didn't help, try by exporting the below

#swinstall -s /home/sw/HP_UX_11.31_HPUXWS24ATW-B508-11-31-64.depot

Of course, these errors may actually be a function of a non-root user
attempting to execute swinstall or some other Software Distributor


Best regards


Manjunath Navada

I am a HPE Employee
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Re: swinstall error

You might try bypassing the menu by adding \* like this:

# swinstall  -s /home/sw/HP_UX_11.31_HPUXWS24ATW-B508-11-31-64.depot  \*

Bill Hassell, sysadmin