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tar and zip backups/recovery

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tar and zip backups/recovery

i have may oracle application EBS installed in tow noeuds (appl_tier and db_tier) that an environnement is represented by. i make a backup off /appltier and /db_tier whith tar and zip commande and i want to confirme that this backup can be restored whith no problems
is it possible? in deffirent the 2 case
1. database online
2. database offline
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Re: tar and zip backups/recovery

even though tar and zip can be used in conjunction to create a, what-so-called "poor man's backup" it is important to know how you are running the backup process before anyone can tell you if you are doing it right and if it can be restored properly.

But more than likely, if the database is online, your backup will not be valid and will not be able to restore properly, as it tries to backup open files and some times it is successful and sometimes it fails. Even if it is successful, it may have inconsistent data and when restored, oracle may not like the restored files.
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Re: tar and zip backups/recovery

1. database online -- Do you put the DB in backupmode first? If not, then your backup is essentially useless. If you do put the DB in backup mode, it should work. You also need to make sure you back up the archive logs. You will needs those in when you do a restore.

2. database offline -- should not be a problem. That should be straight forward.
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Re: tar and zip backups/recovery

Hi Ouazir,

Basicaly, you have those 2 backup modes you already refered: offline and online.

In the offline (the easier way), you just have to shutdown your apps and database and copy the $APPL_TOP, all your controlfiles, redologs and database files and, if you patched the database recently, your $ORACLE_HOME also.

In the online mode, you have to:

- first ensure you have a minimum 30Gb disk space for the archivelogs. If you don't have then buy a disk first;

- shutdown the apps (ensure users are out) as the apps owner (usually applmgr):
$ cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts/ (usually SID_server)
applmgr$ stop

- shutdown the db as db owner (usually oracle):
$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/scripts/ (usually SID_server)
$ stop immediate

- backup you database in offline mode (cp, tar,...);

- in the meantime edit your init.ora to edit the following parameters:
$vi $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init.ora
/log (vi command to search for existing paramaters. If they already exists then edit them, else add them: )

- Set the archivelog mode (still as db owner oracle):
$sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
SQL>create spfile='/THE_FULL_PATH.../init.ora';
SQL>startup mount;
SQL>alter database archivelog;-- I'm not sure this is necessary since you have already set "log_archive_start=TRUE"
SQL>alter database open;

- Shut down your database:
SQL>shutdown immediate;

- Finaly, backup it again in offline mode (cp, tar,...)

- Now you are ready to start rman backups (I attached a quick start guide for rman that you should start looking.

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
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Re: tar and zip backups/recovery

If your running the Oracle EBS, you should look into cloning. You can do a full cold backup and then restore it to any system. Run the config clone process and it will rebuild the database and the application.

Look at Oracle Note 230672.1 for R11i
and 406982.1 for R12i