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Updated NICKEL script

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Updated NICKEL script

Hi folks,

    While not as popular as it used to be, I have always found the NICKEL script a useful tool for our HP-UX boxes.  As our team started expanding support over many locations we started using NICKEL as a means of performing a data collections to help work on problems or configuration requests.  So basically we kept updating the script to keep things up to date with modern systems and software.  For example it was recently updated to collect data from IVM guests and hosts.


I figure I would share our latest version with the community as I still see the occasional request for it.    Plus, since the tool had originated from the forum, its a good way in my mind to pay back since we have utilized it much over the years.


The script is attached.  I call it version 2.14.  There are no implication of warranty of course, but it almost always works just fine.






PS...I had to name it as a .zip file as .gz is apparently not a valid extension for attachments.


Edit:  To comply with the new attachments policy I have also placed NICKEL on a shared Google Drive folder:


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Re: Updated NICKEL script

Bob you're the man, my personal hero!

I did host Nickel since many years on my website and had in all that years several downloads every month. Seeing that you kept it updated with that really huge history of changes is just awesome, a peace of work back after 15 years ... stunning, I'm missing the words to describe how great this feels If I could I would give you  a lot of kudos for that.

I even talked to Robert (yes, the one who wrote it) about this and will show him new versus old next week and where this got posted.

I don't want to reveal his first reaction but I'm pretty sure I can at least write something about end of next week.