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VPAR Licensing

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VPAR Licensing


We are just about to start a new project and I would like to ask about licensing. We are getting a rp8420 with 8 x 1.1GHz Dual Core CPUs and HP-UX 11.31 DC Edition. We wish to create 4 11.31 vpars so how would the licensing work, including the host system aswell ???
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Re: VPAR Licensing


To the best of my knowledge, this is the
story (I am a technical resource and
and pricing is not my strongest point):

a) Virtual partitioning products are sold on
a Per Core Licensing basis. Therefore, you
purchase the same quantity of this product
as the number of active processing cores in
your nPartitions or non-nPartitioned system
that will be running vPars.

b) If you later purchase additional
processing cores, you must also purchase the
corresponding number of per-processor
licenses of T1335AC, T1335BC, or T1335CC...

c) Dual-core processors (for example, the
PA-8800 processor) have two cores per
processor and are seen by HP-UX and
associated applications as two processing

Therefore, two vPars software licenses are
required for each dual-core processor. In
other words, each core requires its own
vPars license.

d) Systems running vPars have two options
for purchasing software licenses:

Per nPa rtition Licensing

Virtualization Licensing

Per nPartition Licensing allows licensing of
HP-UX 11i software based upon the number of
active processing cores in the server or

Virtualization Licensing allows customers to
purchase software licenses for less than the
full processor core capacity of a server or
nPartition when the software will be run in
virtual partitions (vPars).

e) Go to the Virtualization Licensing for
HP-UX 11i website at:

I hope it helps,

VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic