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wget unresolved symbol

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wget unresolved symbol


I am tryig to run wget on hp-ux 11i.
I get the following error:
/usr/lib/ unresolved symbol: libintl_bindtextdomain (code) from wget

What can I do ?

Thank you
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Re: wget unresolved symbol

Moved to HP-UX
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Re: wget unresolved symbol

Hi Maxim

Can I know what is the soltion you had for the above problem? I have similar issue but my error is
/usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: __shlinit (code) from /opt/wbem/lib/libpegcommon.1

I am wondering whether you can help me to resolve this issue.

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Re: wget unresolved symbol

If you get a binary kit for a program like
wget, and if your C compiler and/or run-time
environment differ from those on the system
where the kit was produced, then you may
reasonably expect problems like these. The
simplest solution is often to build the
program from its source instead of trying to
use a binary kit. If nothing else, this
tends to provide more helpful complaints when
something important is missing.

When only you know whence you got the kit,
and none of us knows how it was built (or
even which version of wget we're discussing),
it can be difficult to know exactly how to
supply the missing bits.
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Re: wget unresolved symbol

Also, it would probably make more sense to
open a new thread for your own problem.
Trying to re-use a years-old thread is
usually more confusing than helpful.
Especially when neither the old problem
description nor your new one includes any of
the information required to make it easy to
provide a useful answer.