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X HPterm and connection info

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X HPterm and connection info


I'm customizing my /etc/profile in order to set the name of the history file according to the timestamp and the remote IP address of the connection.

I find out the remote IP address by means of 'who -muR'.

It works fine if logged in on console, using telnet or ssh BUT fails if logged in using the X client HPterm from Reflection X. "who -muR" print nothing and SSH_CONNECTION variable is not defined (when using a SSH tunnel). Instead, using X-client Xterm, "who -muR" and SSH_CONNECTION work fine.

Do you have any idea of how get the remote IP address when logging in using X HPterm?

Do you know why HPterm set this data after executing the /etc/profile? -- once I get the prompt, "who -muR" works fine
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Re: X HPterm and connection info


Hp Term is defind for The user input type.

As per different-different keyboard etc layout there is different value of HP Term.

Gokul Chandola
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