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ASM Reclamation Utility (ASRU)

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ASM Reclamation Utility (ASRU)

Dear all, 


This is R*acer,

I’ve been stuck in a very bad situation and got so confused.

I’m running Oracle 11gR2 on Windows Server 2008 64-bit. We’ve run standalone ASM for our database. The 3par storage which we are using has a reclamation tool but it will only detect the drives with a specific drive letter, whereas to create ASM, we need to give RAW disks. After I’ve investigated, I’ve realized that there is a tool which is known as ASM Reclamation Utility (ASRU). This utility has been created with the cooperation of Oracle team and 3PAR storage team. This tool is exactly the thing which I need. What is happening now in my server is that as much as the database grows, the storage will increase the used space but whenever we delete even a huge amount of database, it will never be calculated by the storage. Hence, finally the ASM disks will be shown without free space and will go offline while in reality there is a lot of space, but the storage cannot observe it.

To sum it up, I’ve founded the ASRU which is created especially for this purpose to solve this problem of storages, and I downloaded it. My question is that how can I take advantage of this utility? How am I supposed to install or run it? How can I attach it to oracle that make oracle aware of this utility as we need to use ASRU commands in sqlplus?

I’ll be thankful if any of you can navigate me to the right path.



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Re: ASM Reclamation Utility (ASRU)

Guys, this ASRU as I said has been created by HP 3par and Oracle cooperation. Is any HP 3Par expert here to give me a simple explanation about my question?