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A180 Fan problems (A5182A)

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A180 Fan problems (A5182A)


I'm having a problem similar to this one: http://tinyurl.com/3vtkj
(Heading: 'A180 Fan failure, which fan?')

I have verified that HP doesn't sell separate fans - you have to buy a new case!
However, I really would like to have this defective fan replaced and go on...
1) The original fan is a United Pro D6025H12B. I'm situated in Europe - does anybody know of a distributor/reseller here?
2) I have purchased a new Intel fan, looking almost 100% similar to the original fan same voltage etc. - but it doesn't even turn.
3) I hear different explanations to the 'third wire': a) It's for a tachometer function. 2) It is used to control the fan-speed (fan speeds if ambient temperature rises). 3) It is used to signal back if the fan movement is interrupted.
Anybody know the true explanation?

Has anyone ever found a useable replacement fan? (Photo of fan attached).

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Re: A180 Fan problems (A5182A)

Hi Hans,

You could send them an email and ask if they have a reseller in Europe.


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Re: A180 Fan problems (A5182A)

Hi Robert-Jan,

Already did this earlier today and got this msg:

"I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Mail quota exceeded."

Perhaps they are out of business now?

Will try some of the mentioned US distributors...

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Re: A180 Fan problems (A5182A)

Well this matter comes to a close.

I have tried different 'random' mail-adresses at United Pro - was lucky and just got a mail from the company that they have the fans in stock in US and they will gladly ship to Europe.

It is, however, worth contemplating on the fact, that these fans are non-orderable from HP - you have to buy a whole new chassis/cabinet for the server. Checking the price out on that, our supplier informed me, that these are now sold out for good...

8 points to Robert-Jan. Gave me the inspiration to try different e-mail addresses, thank you.