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A180c server with digi Acceleport card

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A180c server with digi Acceleport card

I have A180c server with HPUX 10.20 and installed 2 serial PCI DIGI Acceleport Cards.
My system hangs when I try copy files by ftp and I have 2 PCI cards installed (one is digi and second may be anyone PCI card).
When I remove driver from system ftp works OK.
Are there any limitations or notices about PCI cards installation in the server ? I have no idea. (System has all required patches !)
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Re: A180c server with digi Acceleport card

No, You can run two pci boards (preferably standard 32bit/33MHz) in the A180C.
The only hard limitation is which slot to use for gsc / pci boards in mixed configs.

Without having seen it myself, I'd simply say the driver digi supplies has certain deficiencies in maturity. :)
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