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a3232-60003 replacement for A3549-60001

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a3232-60003 replacement for A3549-60001

I just acquired a controller card from ebay to replace a damaged a3549-60001 controller card on an HP 9000/889. The card I received was a a3232-60003 although it had been listed as a a3549-60001. Does anyone know if the a3232-60003 can be used as a replacement for the a3549-60001? We still have another a3549-60001 controller on the HP 9000/889 that is supporting another disk array so we would be using both controllers on the same server.
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Re: a3232-60003 replacement for A3549-60001

It could be that the original part is now superceded. The orginal number "a3549-60001" is not listed, but the new one is listed as "a3232-60003" Description:-20 slot storage control processor module for Disk array model 20 (A3232AR, A3232A, A3389AR, A3389A) and Mass Storage controller A3237A

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