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AD194A dual 4Gb FC Adapter/dual 1000BaseT Combo Card

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AD194A dual 4Gb FC Adapter/dual 1000BaseT Combo Card

How can I test if this card is not functioning correctly?

I installed it into an RP3410 and from the boot console -> info -> IO it sometimes shows up as PCI -to - PCI bridge and other times it shows up as two fibre channel and two ethernet connections. When I just tried to install HPUX 11i v2 FOE sept 06 the install crashes most of the way through with IO errors. Any ideas?

Will this version of HPUX work with it? does it need other drivers? and why would it show up correctly sometimes at boot console -> info -> IO but not other times?

Eric Firkey




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Re: AD194A dual 4Gb FC Adapter/dual 1000BaseT Combo Card

Ostensibly it is supported:


so I would try the install without the card present in the system, then look for patches on the ITRC and apply those before inserting the card. If after that it still isn't happy, I'd look for the most recent offline diagnostics CD you can find and try those.
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