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add new cell board to rp7410

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add new cell board to rp7410

I add one cell board containing 4 CPU and 6 GB memories to rp7410 server but it does not recognize the new cell board.
There is only one partition in the box.
What should I do to see new cell board in the system ?
brian lee
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Re: add new cell board to rp7410

Have you run ioscan on the system?

I'm not sure that will help, but cstm mstm or xstm(X-Windows) will show new CPU's.

From my past hardware experience,(non-cpu) the component should be visible and working right after installation and restart of the server.

Is it possible the installation is not correct? Card not properly seated, not in the right kind of slot?

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Re: add new cell board to rp7410

If it does not show in 'ioscan' then there is most likely a problem with the install. Suggest you have a look from the 'BCH' menu configuration for some pointers.
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Re: add new cell board to rp7410


First make sure the existing cell have same level of firware of new cell.
Or simply after installing new cell update firmware for both cells sothat
both cells are same firmware. Once it's done you can assign the new cell
to the existing partition from BCH or through parmodify command.
After you power on please watch VFP for any error messages.
Also Chassis log (SL) for DNA...... messages.
Also make sure both cells powered on using PS command in MP.CM.

I had same problem, and I upgraded firmware and I could join the new cell
to the existing partition.

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Re: add new cell board to rp7410

use MP command to power on the Cell board first.
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Re: add new cell board to rp7410

go into the MP and enter the command menu (CM)

type DU

This will give a display of what you have installed in your chassis. if there is a star under both cell boards, then the cell is recognized.

go back to hpux, and use the parstatus command to make sure the OS can see the cell board. (this command gives several pages of output, IIRC)
also, parstatus will show you which cell needs to be added to the partition.

now do a:

man parmodify

this is the command that will add the cell to your existing partition.

the command is like this:
parmodify -p 0 -a 0:base:y:ri

the number following the -a option is the cell number to be added.

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Re: add new cell board to rp7410

First, you will need to use parmodify to add the cell board into the partition. (parmodify -p 0 -a 0:::)

Then you will need to do a reconfig reboot, (Shutdown -R now), which will cause the system to reboot and re-read the partition configuration data. The system will enter a ready for reconfig state when it resets.

The system will not actually boot until you issue the boot command from the MP's command menu (CM).

See http://www2.itrc.hp.com/service/cki/cache/200000065004691.pdf (chapter 6) for more details.