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Adding CPUs to rp7410

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Adding CPUs to rp7410

I have two CPUs that were removed from another rp7410 (they were inadvertently installed in the wrong server). As I prepared to install them, I noticed that the socket for voltage regulator VRM4 was empty (a socket next to the empty CPU sockets). Must that module be installed prior to installing CPU's 2 and 3? It may have been left in the server these CPUs were removed from.

If I have to order one, what is the part number?
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Re: Adding CPUs to rp7410

The missing VRM was always somewhat mystifiying to me as well.

However, having setup about a dozen or more of the rp7410/rp8400 (which both use the same cell board) I've not seen any with it installed. I suspect that it may be for future expanison for a later PA-RISC CPU module.

The Server will work perfectly without it.

What are the chances...