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An easy one - location of memory on rp7420

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An easy one - location of memory on rp7420

I'm in a new position and I have an rp7420 with all 32 slots of memory filled with 1gb chips. We've purchased 8 new 2GB chips and this upcoming downtime window I'm scheduled to remove 8 of the old and replace them.

I've studied the manual and I think I know where and how to pair them properly. What I don't know, because I've never opened an rp7420 before and the pictures do not make it clear, is where in the box the memory is actually located!

Is it in front, near the hard drives, or in back, where the slots and fan are? After the machine is down, will I be pulling it forwards or backwards to access the memory?

And if I have it right, there's going to be two areas of 16 chips. Does it matter which area I choose to swap the four pairs?

Thanks very much,
-Ron Levy
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Re: An easy one - location of memory on rp7420

Hi Ron,
Pull the server forward out of the rack and remove the side panel on the right side of the server. It sounds like you have one cell board, it will likely be in the bottom slot. Remove this cell board from the server (its a touch heavy, so careful). Remove the memory cover (though note the memory slot guide printed on the cover).

Memory should be installed with the larger chips in the first DIMM slots, so prepare to replace slots 0a/0b, 1a/1b, etc.

If you do have two cell boards, and both are part of the same parition, then both cells should be configured equally.

A note on working on the cell boards:

You should power off either the entire cabinet (using the front button or the PE command (option T) from MP) or the individual cell board (PE option C). Do not remove AC from the cabinet and then make configuration changes. The server can become confused in some situations.

Best of luck to you!

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Re: An easy one - location of memory on rp7420

2 DIMMs = 1 Rank Install First 0A and 0B Quad 0
4 DIMMs = 2 Ranks Add Second 1A and 1B Quad 1
6 DIMMs = 3 Ranks Add Third 2A and 2B Quad 2
8 DIMMs = 4 Ranks Add Fourth 3A and 3B Quad 3
10 DIMMs = 5 Ranks Add Fifth 4A and 4B Quad 0
12 DIMMs = 6 Ranks Add Sixth 5A and 5B Quad 1
14 DIMMs = 7 Ranks Add Seventh 6A and 6B Quad 2
16 DIMMs = 8 Ranks Add Last 7A and 7B Quad 3

Follow the above order

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Re: An easy one - location of memory on rp7420

Thanks much! That'll remove about a half an hour of confusion from my downtime window. :)