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Changed Primary Boot Path

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Changed Primary Boot Path


I am installing HPUX 11i from scratch, i have loaded the operating system & now i have moved the boot disk onto a new scsi card so the H/W path has changed. I rebooted the server & changed the primary path from BCH, booted & the server panics while booting /stand/vmunix with unexpected lbolts, i rebooted & brought the server to maintenance mode (hpux -lm) & vgexported vg00 & reimported it on the new path... this worked fine & init 4 brought the server to multi user mode, i rebooted again & the server still panics when booting /stand/vmunix? I tried going to maintenance mode again & from their to multi user & this works fine every time, alternatively letting the system boot normally panics every time with unexpected lbolts & does a TOC. I have a feeling that i need to update some LVM or I/O configuration files but cannot think of what i have missed here.

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Re: Changed Primary Boot Path

Is the information given by "lvlnboot -v" correct? If not, see "man lvlnboot" for further information on correcting it.

Another thing to check: when you're letting the server autoboot, what command does the ISL run? Is it just "hpux", "hpux -lq" or something longer? If it's longer than "hpux -lq", it probably contains a boot hardware path, which could be wrong in your new configuration.
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Re: Changed Primary Boot Path

It sounds like the entry in your AUTO file may not be correct. Just verify the contents of the AUTO file by
#lifcp /dev/rdsk/cxtydz:AUTO -
It should not display the old hardware path at which the OS was loaded in its syntax.

If it is displaying full path of the old disk change it to default secondry boot loader (hpux) or with correct current path. Infact you can update it to always pass -lm options to hpux(hpux -lm) but actually that is not the proper solution.

Just check this & revert what is displays & the lbolt errors in details faced during default boot.

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Re: Changed Primary Boot Path

To change the contents of the AUTO file type
mkboot -a "hpux -lq" /dev/dsk/c?t?d?

This should resolve the issue.